Arrivo’s Strategy

Arrivo BioVentures LLC was formed to in-license or acquire and fund drug development projects.  We leverage the drug development expertise of our partners Arrivo Management, LLC, which provides the strategic direction, and QuatroBio, LLC, who implements our development initiatives.  Our team’s expertise is drug development. Whether we are developing a reformulated product, a new chemical entity, or a biologic, our team has expertise in identifying regulatory strategies to expedite the path to approval and the efficient implementation of the clinical programs themselves. We coordinate with the FDA (and other regulatory bodies) early and often to gain agreement on the development programs for our products, minimizing surprises and speeding implementation.

While our past companies were built around project financing specific drug candidates, it is the intent of Arrivo BioVentures to diversify investment across four to six drug candidates, creating a portfolio of development projects that can have a greater likelihood of development milestone success and regulatory approval over time.

Our strategy is simple – identify products for our pipeline that we can expedite through the drug development process while minimizing the regulatory and technical risk associated with the program.


Product Selection

One of the critical elements to our success is identifying and selecting the right asset.  We have a thorough process in place, which results in a clear picture of the asset’s technical and commercial potential as well as the potential hurdles that could prevent or delay the development timeline (see below).  We place an intense focus on the initial technical evaluation of the candidate during the triage process, ensuring IP protection and confirming the feasibility of potential indications through patient incidence and prevalence levels.  Through our internal and external specialists, we use a detailed due diligence approach assessing potential opportunities and hurdles to make go/no go decisions. Only when all the questions have been answered will we engage in collaboration/financial discussions.